Making Changes to Work-Study

Sometimes students or employers need to make a change to a Federal Work-Study position. Review the respective information below to make updates.

Changing Withholding

Students can make changes to their W-4 form online through My Columbia

For all other forms, please bring them in-person to the Office of Federal Work-Study. Never email us a form unless it is password-protected. 

Changing Jobs

Students may switch from one Federal Work-Study job to another. In order to transfer to another job, the student should apply for a new job through the standard job application process online. If they are hired, the student should email the Office of Federal Work-Study to inform us of the new job. 

Changes to Hourly Rates

If a change is made to the hourly pay rate, a memo must be sent by the employer by email to the Office of Federal Work-Study prior to the timesheet due date. This memo should include the student’s name and their new pay rate. Retroactive rate changes are prohibited. 

When Students Leave a Position

When a student leaves a position with your department, make sure you inform the Office of Federal Work-Study of the student's full name, position, and final date of work.

Dissatisfaction With Student Performance

Occasionally, there are more serious reasons for forcibly removing a student from a department’s payroll. Serious dissatisfaction with a student’s performance should first be addressed with the student. If a student's performance does not improve and they are let go from a position, please contact the Office of Federal Work-Study about the student's performance and conduct.