How Do I Pay?


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Make an Online Payment

Pay by ACH eCheck with QuikPAY when drawing from a U.S. bank account. Students can also access QuikPAY through SSOL.

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Send a Wire Transfer

International students with foreign bank accounts will need to choose a wire service to make payments to Columbia. 

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Join a Payment Plan

Spread payments out over time. A valid U.S. bank account is required to enroll in a payment plan.


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Withdraw from a 529 Savings Plan

Send funds to a beneficiary or to the University itself. 

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Use an AmeriCorps Award

Learn how to request your education award dispersal. 

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Apply an Employee Tuition Benefit

Activate a tuition exemption benefit as a result of employment with Columbia University. 

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Pay by Mail

Learn when a payment by mail may be required.


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Add an Authorized Payer

Is a parent or other family member helping to pay your bills?

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Add a Paying Sponsor

Is a third-party organization or a government paying for your education costs?

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Resolve Unpaid Bills and Financial Holds

Learn how to avoid holds, late fees, and collections activity due to unpaid bills.

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Seek Financial Aid

If you need more money than you have on hand to cover educational expenses, contact your financial aid office to review funding options and availability.