Add an Authorized Payer

Federal privacy regulations restrict the access of other people—including parents and family members—to student accounts and data unless the student provides written permission to allow access.

If any individual wishes to be responsible for making payments toward a student's bill, the student must add the individual in SSOL as an authorized payer. This means that all billing statements will be emailed to the student and the authorized payer. An authorized payer will receive their own login information, allowing ease of access to make payments through our online billing platform. 

Authorized payers are different from third-party organizations or other benefactors that seek to sponsor students because authorized payers are usually a single individual who is known to the student. Go to our page about sponsorship payments to learn more about that option if you have a government entity or private organization that wishes to pay for your education.

To create an authorized payer account, students must follow these steps:

  • Log in to your student account.

    (The link to SSOL is available in the Related Pages box at the top of this page.)

  • Select “Account Detail and e-Billing."

  • Select “View e-Bill and Pay by e-Check."

  • From the left navigation, select “Authorize Payer” and follow the instructions to create a user name for each Authorized Payer.

  • Provide your Authorized Payer(s) with their temporary login and direct them to the secure e-Billing site.

  • The first time your Authorized Payer(s) log in, they will be prompted to change their password and verify their email address.