Monthly Payment Plan

Columbia offers a monthly payment plan to enable students and authorized payers to pay tuition and fees over the course of several months instead of in one payment. The plan requires a small enrollment fee, but there are no interest charges or credit checks associated with this plan option.

You will notice that Columbia offers this plan in partnership with Nelnet as an integration with the monthly e-bill. Although Nelnet is associated with loans, Columbia's payment plan service is not a loan. Furthermore, students and authorized payers are not obligated to select any loan options because of our vendor selection for payment plan processing.


Monthly Payment Plan Details

  • Fall-Term Only
  • Spring-Term Only
  • Summer-Term Only
  • Annual (academic year plan includes Fall and Spring terms)
  • $50 enrollment fee (annual plan)
  • $30 enrollment fee per term (individual Fall, Spring, or Summer term)
  • $30 returned payment fee if a payment is returned
  • Students and authorized payers must pay via automatic bank payment (ACH). Payments are automatically deducted on the 5th of every month from the bank account authorized during signup.
  • A credit or debit card may be used to pay the enrollment fee, but an additional convenience fee is assessed. A credit or debit card cannot be used to pay billing charges.
  • A foreign bank account or wire transfer is not allowed for a payment plan. 


  1. Log in to Student Services Online (SSOL) and click on “Account Detail and e-Billing.”
  2. Click on “View e-Bill" then "Use the Monthly Payment Plan.”

Authorized Payers

  1. Go to the secure e-billing website and log in with the username and password set up by your student.
  2. Select the "Payment Plan" option from the menu on the left side of the page.

Prior-Term Balances

The monthly payment plan is based on term-specific charges. You cannot sign up for a payment plan and roll over balances from prior terms. If you have unpaid bills from Spring Semester and you plan to enroll in a monthly payment plan for the Fall Semester, your payment plan will only account for the charges due in the Fall Semester—your outstanding balance from Spring Semester will continue to be owed separately.

Please review our page that outlines the consequences of unpaid bills and delinquent accounts if you are concerned about an outstanding balance from a prior term.