Student Financial Planning for Graduate Engineering

The Office of Student Financial Planning provides financial aid information and services, including document collection and counseling, for students in Graduate Engineering on behalf of the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science.

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 +1(212) 854-7040

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210 Kent Hall
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All MS/PhD-track students and all doctoral students should continue to work with their departments to discuss departmental and school-based funding. Find your primary department contact from the available options in these tabs.

Stella Lau, Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics 
[email protected] 212-854-2696 or 212-854-4457

Ruth Torres, Computer Science
[email protected] 212-853-8401 or 212-939-7000

Mindaugas Paunksnis, Biomedical Engineering
[email protected] 212-854-7448 or 212-854-4460

Kathy Marte, Chemical Engineering
[email protected] 212-854-1558 or 212-854-4453

Milko Milkov, Mechanical Engineering
[email protected] 212-854-6269 or 212-854-0661

Gabrielle Werffeli, Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
[email protected] 212-854-7980 or 212-854-3143

Jack Tomaselli, Earth and Environmental Engineering
[email protected] 212-853-8413 or 212-854-2905

Muamer Lihic, Electrical Engineering
[email protected] 212-854-1736 or 212-854-3105

Shi Yee Lee, Industrial Engineering
[email protected] 212-854-1473 or 212-854-2941

Stella Lau, Materials Science and Engineering
[email protected] 212-854-2696 or 212-854-4457