Hiring a Work-Study Student

Confirming Work-Study Eligibility

Students must confirm their Federal Work-Study eligibility prior to applying for a job in the online system. A student’s award is determined by the student’s financial aid office. This award will be reflected on the student’s employment record within the FWS online system during the hiring process. Employers may hire a student that applies online through the FWS system or a walk-in student, through the "Managing Jobs" section.


Approval to Hire

Departments must submit both their request for a job posting, as well as a request to hire once a student has been selected.  Once the hire has been approved, they will receive notification from the FWS Office. Students may not begin working until the employer receives this confirmation. Departments will be required to pay on the casual payroll 100% of any wages earned by a student if the student begins working before the date of approval.

Although students may hold two FWS jobs at a time, it is recommended that they choose a job that affords them a sufficient number of hours so that they may utilize their full award. When hiring a student, employers should take into consideration the department’s allocation and the student’s award.


Required Forms

The department is required to submit an online job request

All students must complete the required forms after being hired into a position, and forms must be submitted to the Work-Study office before a student may start working. These forms are required if the student has not been paid by Columbia University in the last 3 years, or if the student wishes to make any changes to previously-filed information.