Managing Federal Work-Study Timesheets

Federal Work-Study online timesheets are the primary payroll document. Both the student and supervisor are urged to ensure proper completion before submitting timesheets for approval. Each student has to complete a timesheet that must be approved by the supervisor for each pay period worked.

Within the employer's online system, select My Control Panel where you can access all jobs for which you are the primary or secondary supervisor. You can also access prior time sheets here as well.

  1. Select Timesheet Control Panel.
  2. Click Manage Job to change the title or description of the job.
  3. Select View Hires and a list of your students for that job will open.
  4. Select All Time Sheets to view a history of a student’s time sheets.

To manage timesheets, select Timesheet To-Do Items. Timesheets for the current cycle that require immediate attention will be displayed here.

Information will appear differently depending on the status of the timesheet and your permission level. For instance, when the timesheet is in the student’s possession the only information available will be the status and pay period details. Entries and action options will not appear.

If you supervise students in multiple departments, you can select a particular department from the drop-down menu at the top of the To-Do Items page. The page will reload and display that department’s timesheets. Make sure to check to-do items for all the departments that you manage.


The system alerts you to particular situations through the use of warnings. Warnings will display at the top of the To-Do Items page. For example, a warning will be displayed if a student has worked too many hours. If there is a warning next to the title, roll your mouse over it for instructions on how to resolve the warning.

Timesheets must be completed and submitted for the two weeks pay period when they are due. A student will not be able to go back and add a week or hours to a pay period that has already been finalized and paid.

    Timesheets will be displayed under five possible categories:

    1. Timesheets incomplete by supervisor – Timesheet started, but not completed by supervisor. Once a timesheet has been started, it cannot be edited by a student, so a supervisor must complete it. To do so, go to Time Sheet.
    2. Timesheets returned by administrator – Timesheets reviewed by an administrator and returned to you. Notes will explain why the timesheet is returned; must be resolved before resubmitting to an administrator for approval. Select Review to edit or send back to the student.
    3. Resubmitted timesheets – These are timesheets revised and resubmitted by students for your approval. They must be approved by the deadline listed next to them. Click Review to do so.
    4. Delinquent timesheets – Timesheets may not have been started or submitted by students and the deadline has passed. Send an email reminder to the student or to take control of the timesheet through Review.
    5. Submitted timesheets awaiting review – Timesheets completed by students and submitted for review. They must be approved by the deadline listed. Select Review to do so. Carefully review the student’s time entries before you approve them.

    Only timesheets that apply to one of these five categories will be displayed on the To-Do Items page. For example, if there are no delinquent timesheets, that particular category will not display.

    There are two options to manage delinquent timesheets:

    1. Email the student a reminder or
    2. Revoke student access to the timesheet and take possession of timesheet to submit hours on behalf of student.

    To access both functions, select Review next to the delinquent time sheet on the To-Do Items page. You can send an email reminder to the student by editing the subject and text of the message, then select Send Email.

    To take possession of the timesheet, go to the Take Possession section at the bottom of the page. Indicate if you would like to notify the student via email that you have revoked access. You can revise text of the email in the message box. Once you select Take Possession, the timesheet will load and you can revise it as needed.