Veterans Request for Certification Form


This form must be filled out and submitted for each term that military benefits are requested. You will not receive benefits for the term until after the form is submitted. The form can be completed and turned in as early as after registration.

New Students/Transfer Students

If you have not done so already, you must apply for and submit your VA Certificate of Eligibility to show your eligibility for education benefits. This document may also be called your "award letter" or "benefit summary." You cannot receive your benefits until the CoE/award letter is submitted.

Continuing Students

Continuing students do not need to submit a new CoE/award letter unless their benefits change.

General Studies, Barnard, and Teachers College

Students in the School of General Studies should submit through the General Studies Request for Certification page. Barnard and Teachers College students should contact their schools directly for information about military benefits certification. 

Your C00 number is available at the top of any screen in Student Services Online (SSOL)
Student Status
Are you taking blocked classes for this certification period?
Are you a new student beginning the term on Active Duty (including Terminal Leave)?
New York State Residents Only
If you are a New York State resident, please indicate whether you intend to receive any New York State veterans' educational benefits. Please note that you must apply for New York's Tuition Assistance Program to be eligible for these benefits.
Benefits Program Chapter Number or Title
Learn more about the benefit programs here. You must apply for each of these benefits with the VA. If you have not done so already, visit U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and submit your application for benefits to the VA.
Eligibility for Percentage of Benefit
If you served on active duty for less than 1,095 days (36 months), you’re eligible for only part of the Post-9/11 GI Bill benefit.
Number of Credits and/or Clock Hours

If you change your enrollment, you must resubmit this form with your new enrollment reflected. 

Credits and/or Clock Hours

I understand that in order to comply with Veterans Administration (VA) regulations, Columbia University must submit registration and, at times, academic progress reports to the VA. Furthermore, I understand that any changes in my registration status or enrollment (e.g., add, drop, withdrawal) may affect my VA benefit amounts and other financial aid I receive, or may result in a balance owed to the VA. I further understand that if my enrollment changes, I am responsible for submitting a revision of this form reflecting my enrollment changes. If my benefits eligibility changes, I agree to notify the Office of Veterans and Military Affairs immediately. Finally, I understand that I am responsible for any outstanding balance on my student account that is not covered by VA benefits.