Professional Studies Cost of Attendance

Budget for Academic Year

The cost of attendance, also known as the "budget" or "COA," represents the student's maximum financial aid eligibility amount based on the academic year. The budget is determined by the school and consists of tuition and fees plus estimated expenses for food, housing, books, and transit.

In determining the budget, the school applies a conservative estimate of living expenses to all students. We recognize, however, that actual living expenses vary from person to person. If the student faces higher actual costs or has extenuating circumstances that warrant a higher cost of attendance, the student may request an evaluation for a budget increase. This process does not guarantee that a budget increase will be granted, merely that the student will be considered for one. 

Click through the accordions below to see the current year's estimated costs for SPS master's programs and certificates.

Tuition and Fees By Master's Program

Direct Costs and Fees 2023-2034

Direct Costs and Fees 2023-2024

2023-2024 Estimated Costs

Tuition and Fees By Certificate Programs

2023–2024 Estimated Costs

2023–2024 Estimated Costs

Fees Explained

  • Total tuition and fees are calculated based on number of credits registered in a term and the cost per credit, unless stated otherwise. Estimate your course load to calculate total tuition.
  • The Orientation Fee is a one-time charge for degree students only.
  • The Document Fee is a one-time charge in the first semester of attendance.
  • The International Student Fee is charged to international students only every semester.
  • Students enrolled below six credits in any semester are not budgeted for living expenses, personal expenses, commuting expenses, or loan origination fees.