Identity Documentation and Statement of Educational Purpose Verification

This form is used to verify your identity and provide your statement of educational intent.  Please review the important information below regarding the completion and submission of this form:

  • The in-person version of this form must be signed in-front of appropriate personnel within your financial aid office.  It cannot be accepted if signed prior to providing it to your financial aid office or if not signed in front of that offices designated personnel.
  • The notary attested version of this document must be signed in the presence of a notary and may not be provided to your financial aid office in any electronic fashion.  The original, wet-signed and notarized Identity Documentation and Statement of Educational Purpose form with any provided supplementation documentation must be sent to the financial aid office using a traditional mail service.
  • All fields of either version of this form must be completed in full.  Submissions that are incomplete or are otherwise missing supplemental documentation or information that is required cannot be accepted.

If you are unsure if you should complete this form or which version of this form is appropriate for your circumstances, please contact your financial aid office directly.  You can find your schools financial aid office on the Financial Aid Offices webpage.  

Please note: This form requests sensitive, personally identifiable information. Take care to return this form and any requested supplemental documentation having used appropriate security measures for the signature process utilized for your document(s).