Federal Parent PLUS Loan Repayment

Generally, the repayment period is 10 years. There are, however, various loan repayment plans available that may extend the repayment period depending on the program or your circumstances.

There is no grace period on PLUS loans as there is on Stafford and private loans. In general, PLUS Loans enter repayment after the final disbursement of the loan, and the first payment is due within 60 days. However, an automatic in-school deferment will be processed so that you do not have to make payments while you are in school (unless your enrollment drops to less than half-time). To explore the possibility of aligning your repayment of Graduate PLUS and Stafford loans, contact your lender.

There are no prepayment penalties on this loan. For more information on repayment, please contact your lender or financial aid office.