Admin Portal

The admin portal is a space for assistance with departmental accounting operations performed by SFS staff. Included below are the current year's SIS-ARC Transfers Calendar, the Deposit and Forfeiture Codes document, and important information for schools for processing summer stipends for students. 


FY24 Calendar

Cut-off Time is always 6:00AM

Weekly Feeds except where different timeframe is indicated.

ARC Closing date listed is final GL close for the listed period.  Please note earlier intermediary deadlines exist related to integrating systems (including SIS).

*Preliminary date

Policy and Procedure

Stipends are one of several types of payments to students. To help schools and departments identify payment types and process transactions appropriately, administrators must ensure they are familiar with the policy and procedures related to payments to students.

Required Forms and School Responsibility

Summer Stipends are processed between April and October. For requests outside of the processing season, please contact [email protected].

Certain schools that award stipend funds during a term of non-enrollment, such as the summer terms, should also refer to and use the Summer Stipend Form and submit with it the Summer Stipend Template spreadsheet.

To cancel a summer stipend, use the Summer Stipend Cancellation Form.

Please carefully review the request form and the Excel spreadsheet before the submission. Errors in the documents may lead to a substantial delay in the payments to all the students processed that day. Most importantly, please double-check the student PIDs and the SIS fund codes.

If the school submits stipends for the wrong students, the school is responsible for the amount if the payment cannot be recovered by the University.

For additional information about completing the form, watch the Summer Stipend Video Tutorial.

Stipend Cancellation for International Students

International students whose stipends get canceled after receiving the funds (direct deposit in bank account or check cashed) need to pay back the net (after-tax) amount received to the University Payroll Office following the overpayment recovery instructions sent out by the Payroll Office. No additional stipend can be issued until the overpayment recovery process for the previous stipend cancellation is completed.