Your Student Account

Columbia bills students for tuition, fees, and other charges at the beginning of each semester. The Student Account Statement, also known as the E-Bill, is distributed online and can be accessed any time through the secure E-Billing website. The University does not mail paper bills.

As a new semester begins, Student Account Statements are generated periodically (2015-2016 dates) for students who have had new activity since the prior Statement, as well as for those who carry either balance due or a credit.

When a new statement is released, Student Financial Services emails the notification both to the student's official Columbia email address, and to any authorized payers for whom the student has granted permission to view and pay the account balance.

Keep in mind

The Student Account Statement is a “snapshot” of the charges, credits and anticipated credits to the student's account as of a specific date and, therefore, is not updated between billing cycles. Students can view their current balance and current details between billing cycles through Student Services Online (SSOL).