W-2 and 1098-T Forms

W-2 Form

Beginning each February, employees can go online to print current-year W-2 form. Prior-year forms are available throughout the year for a $20.00 fee. Visit the W-2 Information page to learn more.

If you have any questions about your W-2, please call the vendor's toll free number at (800) 360-1265.  Our vendor-supported, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system will assist you with your request. You can also speak to a customer service representative if needed. 


Form 1098-T

A paper copy of the form was mailed to each student's permanent address on January 31, 2018. You can opt out of receiving the paper form and receive an electronic copy at 1098t.com.

More information about the 1098-T is available on our Tax Information page.