Work-Study Basics: Making Changes

Changing the Hourly Rate

If a change is made in the hourly salary rate, a memo must be sent by email to the FWS Office prior to the timesheet due date. This memo should include the student’s name and the new rate. No retroactive rate changes are allowed.


Transferring from One Job to Another

Students may switch from one job to another. In order to transfer to another job, the employer or the student must alert us to the change by sending an email to the FWS Office. The new employer should then hire the student through the standard job application process online.


Changing Withholding 

Students can make changes to the W-4 form online through My Columbia. For all other forms, please send to password protected.  Additionally, send password separately to same address.


Removing a Student From the FWS Payroll

When a student has stopped working for an employer and it is decided that he/she should be removed from the FWS payroll, the employer should write a memo to the FWS Office. Occasionally, there are more serious reasons for removing a student from a department’s payroll. Serious dissatisfaction with a student’s performance should be discussed with the FWS Office.