Stipend Awards

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Registered To Receive Stipend Awards

To receive a stipend award payment via direct deposit or check, students must be registered for classes in the term for which the aid has been awarded.


During Fall and Spring TermsDuring Summer Term
Students must submit all required documentation to their school's Financial Aid Office for the payment to be processed.Registration may not be required for the summer term if the student is enrolled in a school that does not have a summer term enrollment requirement.


Stipend payments are awarded directly to you--not applied to your Student Account. There are two ways to receive a stipend payment:

  • by the University’s preferred method, direct deposit, and
  • by picking up a paper check at the Cashiers Office.

Email Notification and Scheduling

If you are expecting a stipend, you will receive an email notification from Student Financial Services when your stipend is either directly deposited into your bank account or there is a check ready for you to pick up.


How To Enroll In Direct Deposit

Direct deposit to a U.S. checking or savings account is the University's preferred method for issuing stipends to domestic students. This saves the time of picking up and processing a paper check, and makes the funds available much sooner. Learn how to enroll.


Picking Up A Check or Having Questions

Alternatively, students can pick up stipend checks and ask questions related to the stipend payments at the Payments and Deposits Office of Student Financial Services.  Stipend checks may be pick up during or after registration upon presentation of a valid University ID card.

Remember, stipend payments are paid via direct deposit or check. They are not processed as a refund of a credit on your Student Account.


For Additional Questions

Our help desk services have been enhanced to provide a single, dedicated resource for students with questions related to student payroll and stipend payments and also a corresponding issue resolution process. Students can alert us to their question or issue by:
Calling +1 (212) 854-5000