Required Forms for Work Study

Submitting Forms After the Hire and Before Start of Work

All required forms must be completed after the student has been hired into a position and must be submitted to the Work-Study office before a student may start working. These forms are required if the student has not been paid by Columbia University in the last 3 years, or if the student wishes to make any changes to previously-filed information.


Federal Forms


Link to Online Form: Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9)

This form is required to establish both identity and employment eligibility. Original documents, along with a Social Security Number, are required for verification.

  1. Complete section one of the I-9 form online here.
  2. Once you complete section one, a list of acceptable documents to establish identity and work eligibility will be provided.  These documents must be presented to the FWS Office in order to complete the I-9 process.


Federal Withholding Certificate (W-4, external PDF)

Work-Study earnings are taxable income. This form authorizes the withholding of federal taxes.


New York State Forms

Please complete one (1) of the three (3) forms below. Explanations of who should fill out each form are available on the forms themselves.

Students might find it helpful to consult with their parents and/or a tax advisor before completing the Withholding forms.


All required forms must be submitted to the Federal Work-Study Office after the student has been hired into a position and before a student may begin working.