Commissioning Ceremony

Midshipman 1/C Christian Collier Domenico Vivadelli

First Naval ROTC Officer Commissioned from Columbia College Since Vietnam War


Photo collage of Commissioning Ceremony. Credit: Christian Ballmer

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Columbia University Morningside Campus
Low Memorial Library Rotunda



During 2016 Commencement Week a new Columbia graduate, Midshipman 1/C Christian Collier Domenico Vivadelli, was commissioned as an officer in the United States Navy in a ceremony held at the University in the City of New York.
The ceremony featured remarks by James J. Valentini, Dean of Columbia College, and Vice Admiral John M. Bird, U.S. Navy (Ret), followed by Midshipman 1/C Vivadelli's taking the Oath of Office, the installation of rank, and the rendering of the first salute.

About Midshipman 1/C Christian Collier Domenico Vivadelli

MIDN Vivadelli grew up in Richmond, Virginia with his four siblings. His mother, Stephany, was an Emergency Room doctor, but eventually retired to raise her children. She now works at VCU Medical as head of a research team. His father, John, a retired CDR, now owns his own business. These two remarkable professions served as inspiration and motivation for MIDN Vivadelli throughout his childhood.


MIDN Vivadelli spent most of his life around water. His childhood was mostly dedicated to swimming, accomplishing a finalist position at nationals and was a Virginia AAA High School state champion. Such accomplishments led him to be recruited by several Division I programs, but Columbia University was his preferred choice. At Columbia, MIDN Vivadelli participated both on the collegiate swim team and the Naval ROTC program. In fact, MIDN Vivadelli is the first Naval ROTC MIDN to commission from Columbia since the University banned the program during the Vietnam War. In his time at Columbia, MIDN Vivadelli helped facilitate communication between the ROTC Unit and Columbia so that future MIDN could better balance the difficult life of Columbia and ROTC. Additionally, MIDN Vivadelli helped break the pool record in the 4x200 Freestyle relay, and scored points at the IVY Championships to assist in the program’s success.


MIDN Vivadelli graduates with a joint degree of Political Science and Statistics. He is commissioning to become a Nuclear Submarine Officer and will report to Charleston, South Carolina in November for Nuclear Power School. He is following exactly in his father’s footsteps, and could not be more excited about the journey ahead.